Divisions & Points

What is a Jack & Jill Competition?

The key characteristics of a Jack & Jill competition include:

  1. Random Pairings: Unlike traditional dance competitions where dancers often compete with a chosen partner, Jack & Jill competitions involve random pairings. Dancers are paired up with different partners through a random draw, which can occur before each round of dancing.
  2. Spontaneity and Improvisation: The format emphasizes the dancers’ ability to adapt and improvise with different partners and to different music. This tests their skills in leading and following, musicality, and overall dance versatility.
  3. Multiple Rounds: Competitions often have multiple rounds, starting with preliminaries and moving to semi-finals and finals. Dancers are judged individually in the early rounds, and only in the final rounds might they be judged as a couple.
  4. Music Variety: The music for Jack & Jill competitions is typically chosen by the organizers or DJs and covers a range of tempos and different Bachata styles adding to the challenge for the dancers to showcase their adaptability.
  5. Judging Criteria: All Judges are looking for qualities such as timing, technique, connection with the partner, musical interpretation, and overall presentation. The ability to connect well with a randomly assigned partner is particularly important.
  6. Community and Fun: While competitive, Jack & Jill competitions are also known for their fun, community-oriented atmosphere. They encourage social interaction and are often a highlight at dance events and festivals.

Divisions (will be applied soon)

The individual divisions will be applied as soon as we have collected enough data and points from the upcoming events.

In Bachata Jack and Jill competitions, you may see the following divisions:

• Newcomer
• Novice
• Intermediate
• Advanced
• All-Stars
• Champions (by invitation of BachataCouncil only)
• Invitational (by invitation of event organizer)
• Junior/Masters (age-based divisions)

The most common divisions are Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and All-Stars/Champions or

Division Requirements max. points Description
Newcomer --- any points Newcomer division is for new dancers with less than 2 years of experience and no BCID.
Novice --- 30 Novice points Novice division is for dancers that start competing. You can decide between Newcomer and Novice.
Intermediate 15+ Novice points 60 Intermediate points
Advanced 30+ Intermediate points 90 Advanced points
All-Stars 45+ Advanced points
Champions invited by BC
Pro teachers For dancers that teach for money.